Godparents Presents

A godparent plays an important and special part in a child's life. They help their godchildren as they grow up, guiding them through their life choices and being there when they need them. Celebrate your godparent with one of our godparents presents whether it is to say thank you, for a birthday or becoming a godparent on the Christening day itself.

Find our fantastic godparents picture frames that will become a treasured item in the house. Leave ready to be filled with mementos of time together or add your own photographs as part of the gift to give it the personal touch. Whether it is a photo of a treasured memory with godparents or one of the Christening day itself, these godparents presents are perfect gifts for new godparents or existing ones.

For godmothers and godfathers we have individual picture frames available. Making your promises to your godchild is the first step and as the years go on there will be more wonderful memories that will want to be kept safe. Don't just store those moments digitally, have them in pride of place to act as a reminder of the special role a godparent plays.

Whether you are a godchild buying a gift for your godparents or the proud parents buying a present for the new godparents, we have a lovely selection which offers fantastic value.

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