Union Jack Presents

If you are searching for a winning gift in order to surprise one of the men in your life then look no further! At Bastins we have a fabulous range of interesting, unique and amusing gifts for family and friends. We offer the perfect presents for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and indeed any special occasion. Whatever you are celebrating you really can’t go wrong with a little patriotism so take a look at our Union Jack presents!

We have assembled a great selection of affordable gifts which feature the Union Jack. Everybody loves our nation’s fine flag so with these appealing gifts you are sure to please. No one should be without a patriotic Union Jack mug. The lucky recipients can use their mug every day of the week. These mugs absolutely have to come out during the Olympics and other sporting events when it is time to get behind our teams. Our mugs feature a variety of amusing and patriotic messages and so there is sure to be a great mug for everyone.

We know that you will also love our glass tankards and our Union Jack wash bags which always come in handy. In addition, we showcase an appealing collection of tin plaques with messages including "Dad’s Garage" and "Grandad’s Shed". If there is a special occasion coming up then don’t forget our Union Jack presents collection!

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