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Colonial Candle

Discover the range of beautiful fragrances available from Colonial Candle. Find tea lights, simmer snaps, jar candles and votives at amazing prices ready for you to take home and enjoy their beautiful aroma.

Colonial Candle are an American company that have been crafting candles for over 100 years and are one of the first candle companies to be started by a woman. It began when a school teacher called Mabel Baker decided to make and sell a range of hand dipped candles via her husbands hardware shop. The popularity of the candles grew and soon they were found in shops across Cap Cod, Massachusetts.

The Colonial Candle range is still made with great craftsmanship in the USA and available all over the states and further afield. The signature double wick oval jar candles are classy and elegant additions to the home and allow for optimum clean burning. The jars are made from a thick glass and have a resealable lid so they can be used even after the candle has finished it's life. Even the label is easy to remove so it is easy to reuse around the home.

Here at Bastins we stock Colonial Candles tea light, simmer snaps , jar candles and votives in a range of fragrances that are sure to delight. Find exotic scents such as Tropical Nectar and fruity scents including Cranberry Cosmos, all the way to classical Simply Vanilla and refreshing Laundered Cotton. Which ever fragrance you choose Colonial Candles are a joy.

Colonial Candles have a clean and even burn, lead free cotton wicks woven to extend burn time and use soy wax for a more natural and environmentally friendly candle. The double wick means provides a bigger wax pool and a more even burn for a better fragrance experience.

Sizes & Burn Times

The large 25 oz Colonial Candle jars have a burn time of approximately 110 hours which makes then perfect for larger spaces such as living areas. The 9 oz jars have a burn time of around 50 hours and would suit medium to smaller spaces such as bedrooms. We also offer 2 oz glass votive and the 1.7 oz wax votive with a burn time of 15 and 17 hours respectively. The Colonial Candle tea lights come in packs of 9 and will have approx 5.5 hours burn time each - great for smaller rooms or used in a group.

For a flameless fragrance Colonial Candles have the simmer snaps which are oval 2.4 oz wax melts that snap into 6 squares for an easy flame free aroma using a wax melt warmer.

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