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Heart and Home Candles

Smell is a powerful sense that can evoke memories and transport you to wonderful places. Whether you are looking to spread the festive spirit with the smell of warm spices or be surrounded by the summer scent of strawberry ice cream, this range of Heart and Home candles will fill your space with delightful fragrance.

Heart & Home candles come in a variety of sizes including scented jar candles, votives and wax melts. The candles are made with a natural soy wax blend for a clean burn and the individual fragrances are created by Heart and Home using the expertise of top perfumers to get an amazing collection of scented candles to choose from.

Heart & Home Scented Jar Candles

Heart and Home scented jar candles come in two sizes, a 110g with a burn time of up to 30 hours and a 310g candle with a burn time of up to 70 hours. The decorative jars have lids that represent the fragrance and labels that beautifully describe the scent experience from each candle. Having a lid with the jar candles means you can keep out the dust when the candle isn't in use and preserve the fragrance for even longer.

Heart & Home Votives

The scented votives also come in cute little boxes with pretty patterned lids so they can be stored safety until the moment comes when you choose your favourite to light and enjoy. The votives have a burn time of up to 15 hours and weigh in at 53g and are the perfect size for smaller spaces or candle holders. The votives make lovely little gifts just on their own or as part of a pamper basket or hamper.

Heart & Home Wax Melts

If you would like a selection of the fabulous fragrances from the Home and Heart range but simply can't narrow down your choice, how about getting a little bit of each with the wax melts. These little discs of wax do not have a wick and are melted in the top of a wax melt warmer with a small unscented tealight underneath. Complete with the H&H stamp, these adorable little 27g wax melts are so affordable that you can pick up a whole range of different aromas to sample. Each has a burn time of up to 8 hours.

Selecting a particular fragrance or range of scented Heart & Home candles can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Perhaps you could give a Fresh Linen candle to a partner who always declares how much they love the smell of clean washing, or if a friend is missing their holiday try a Tropical Beach candle. Which even Heart and Home candle you go for, enjoy the beautiful aromas and let your imagination flow.

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